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Hodowla Border Collie EN - Psi Hotel i Szkoła Beaty Hettlinger


I have never been a large scale dog breeder, but virtually in each breed, with which I used to live together, I have bred several litters.

Bringing to life a new being is lots of fun, but even bigger responsibility. Today “dogs production” is the area in which supply exceeds demand. For me, as a breeder, the most important thing is that my pups go to people, who want and can fulfill their needs, so that both parties can equally enjoy their life together.

My first pedigree bitch, which I had just after graduating from high scholl, was a black Cocker Spaniel Linda. Linda had puppies only once and they were the cutest pups which I ever met. After this experience I was left with the special affection to this breed forever.

Next, or actually simultaneosly (I had at least 2 dogs usually), Yorkshire Terriers stepped in into my life. My first Yorkie bitch (in the eighties) was a living proof of it, that the properly brought up dog, regardless of its size, can be an excellent, balanced companion.
Una (as she was called) was a dog ideal and wherever she appeared, she won affection of all people she met. Of course, I didn’t resist temptation to breed my girl and most of her children I remember as dogs equally nice and easy as their mother.

Next girl, Botwinka, was a PON (Polish Lowland Sheepdog), my first “advertisment star”. With her, I had to put some work to make her a well behaved dog, but after proper training she became not only a fabulous family companion, but also easily performed all the tasks on a movie sets. Botwinka had three litters, three puppies in each (she didn’t like to overextend herself) and I remember them equally fondly like the previous “dog children”.

In the meantime, I got fascinated by American Staffordshire Terriers, when the breed’s first specimens arrived to Poland, and I bought a blue bitch; Manta. Manta, with her fighting dog temperament, has been so far the hugest challenge for me, but thanks to the difficulties I had to overcome, I gained precious, for my work as a trainer, experiences. Manta’s kids (and she also had three litters) were usually much more friendly oriented to other dogs, but no wonder – for her kids fathers I had picked out balanced and friendly males, which of course translated into the offsprings temperaments.

Later I became interested in sighthound racing and this way Whippets stepped in into my life. For about 10 years, I have been racing with my dogs on the race tracks all over the Europe. I can pride myself on wins in many prestigious competitions, European Championships included. A pair of retired sighthounds still lives with me and I can still admire their wonderful gallops over the surrounding meadows.

My newest love are the Border Collies, because they are most versatile as working dogs. Rise in popularity of this breed in the last years can be welcomed, as it may mean that more and more people appreciate spending their free-time actively with their dog. Unfortunately, there is always some percent of snobs, who buy a dog of a certain breed because it is fashionable, not taking into consideration their own time limits or simple laziness. It’s good to know that an intelligent dog, like a Border Collie, will always find an occupation for itself, but it is possible that you will then curse the day you had bought this dog.

My Border Collies are kept busy. At this moment two young bitches live with me: black and white Activia Blue Blue Bricassart (Aki) and blue-merle Use Your Heart z Cernobilych (Herti). Their adventure with conformation shows and sport has just begun, but both are very promissing and I think that in the future we will have lots of fun together. I will keep You informed about their progress, but for the time being there a lot of work ahead of us. As you know practice makes perfect.