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Beaty hettlinger


Dogs have been in my life since I was a little child. In the beginning I was training them, mainly dogs of my neighbours, because my own ones didn’t know they might be naughty. Later I went into breeding as well; I was breeding Yorkies, PONs (Polish Lowland Sheepdogs) and Whippets

Dog hotel

If you want your dog to have an equally successful holiday as you, book him a stay at the Psi Hotel – Psiej Szkola.

Dog School

A wide range of possibilities in the field of education of both young dogs and adult dogs.

Breeding Border Collie

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Psi Hotel – Psia Szkoła
Beata Hettlinger

30km from Warsaw, near Warsaw-Katowice route, between Żabia Wola and Tarczyn


ul. Fiołkowa 52
Pieńki Zarębskie
96-321 Żabia Wola

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