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Workshops - Psi Hotel i Szkoła Beaty Hettlinger


Seminars and thematic workshops

From Spring to Autumn, usually once a month, there will be organised in our Dog School 2-3 days long meetings with the object of bringing you closer various issues from the field of cynology.

The first seminar on English Cocker Spaniels was held on June 27-28th 2015.

The program included thematic lectures, as well as practical classes, which touched all kind of problems Cockers’ breeders and owners deal with.

The first day – Saturday

1. English Cocker Spaniel at the conformation show:
a) The correct judging of the Cocker Spaniel, in regard to the breed standard
b) all about anatomy
c) secrets of show grooming (how to expose your dog’s advantages and hide the faults)
d) handling (how to best show your dog to a judge)

2. English Cocker Spaniel as the companion dog:
a) how to make your Cocker a good pet,
b) how to fulfill his working instinct (other ways than hunting)
c) the most common behavioural problems, which owners of hunting breeds can meet.

The second day – Sunday

1. Breeding:
a) correct way of selecting the breeding pairs
b) leading lines in the breed
c) popular sires (their weak and strong points)
d) the breed’s health (DVM Marzena Sidor)

2. English Cocker Spaniel as a hunting dog.

Characteristics of Spaniel’s work in the field.


Seminar will be conducted by:

Tatiana Kasjan, English Cocker Spaniel kennel Bleper’s (breeding, conformation shows)

Monika Makowska-Lasoń (grooming)

Marzena Sidor (veterinarian)

Beata Hettlinger (dog trainer)