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Puppy Kindergarten

According to a well known saying prevention is better than cure. That’s why it’s worth starting the work with a dog when it is still a puppy and haven’t yet lapsed into bad habits.

There are many possibilities to use help of our Dog School to educate your “furry child” or “teenager”, from one time two-three hours counsultation (also at the client’s home), to regular meetings during which we teach your puppy the correct behaviour at home and outside.
There is also the possibility to use our “boarding school” (version for those working a lot), when your pet is left for a few weeks at our hotel and after that time you pick up a well behaved “young man”. Of course, also in this case, several meetings with the owner are necessary to teach him or her how to correctly communicate with his/her dog.

I am presenting here only simplified offer in this respect, because first of all I make my best to conform to my clients’ needs and expectations.

Lulek ma dopiero trzy miesiące (nie cztery), i jest zdecydowanie naszym najmłodszym gościem, a zarazem uczniem Psiej Szkoły. Uwielbiam whippety, sama je kiedyś, w wersji wyścigowej hodowałam, a Luluś jest wspaniale typowym przedstawicielem tej pięknej rasy. Kocham go za jego entuzjazm i zaangażowanie we wszystko, cokolwiek mu zaproponuję, Lucjan jesteś cudowny!