Dog School

I am offerring a wide range of options of both young and adult dogs training.

1. You can use one-time advice, consultation, during which we will correct your dog’s unwanted behaviours such us: tugging on a leash, agression to other dogs or people, jumping on the owner and other family members, excessive barking, fearfulness or picking up food during walks. We also work on the most common mistakes, because they are the reason behind the problems with our pets.

2. I teach dogs the basic obedience, including the most helpful in the everyday life commands:
coming when called, sit, down, stay, retrieving and walking on a loose leash.

3. Preparing to conformation shows which includes: presentation in movement and in static, showing teeth, teaching to accept touching by a strange person, who acts as a judge at a show, as well as advices on the proper grooming of longhaired dogs.

4. Preparing to field competitions for tracking dogs and to hunting, teaching how to track.

In preparations to shows and tracking we get lots of help from Mrs. Tatiana Kasjan (the famous Cocker Spaniel’s kennel Bleper’s), who since recently takes care of the Dog Hotel-Dog School customers.

Of course, as in the case of puppy training, it is possible to adjust the training programme to the customer’s individual needs.



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