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Cennik EN - Psi Hotel i Szkoła Beaty Hettlinger

Price list



  • little dog – to 50cm 40pln per day, two dogs – 70pln per day
  • medium-sized dog – to 60cm 50pln per day, two dogs psy – 90pln per day
  • big dog – 60pln per day, two dogs – 100pln per day

Weekend stays (since Friday till Sunday):

  • little -sized dogs 50pln per day
  • medium-sized dogs 60pln per day
  • big dog 70pln per day

Bigger number of dogs and longer stays are negotiable.
Agressive dogs and bitches in season plus 20PLN to the basic price.



More dogs belonging to one owner – discounted prices:

In the case of longer stays outside the peak season (holidays, long weekends, national days) additional discounts are possible.



  • 60 pln per hour – obedience training in group (from 4 to 8 dogs), the course includes 15 meetings, the total cost is 900pln.
  • 100 pln per hour – individual training, obedience and help for dogs with behavioural disorders. At least 10 meetings, which means total cost of 1000pln.
  • 60 pln per hour – individual training for puppies, teaching good manners, includes at least 5 meetings.
  • “The boarding school” – training and stay in the hotel – basic cost of dog’s stay plus 20pln per day, provided that a dog stays at least 10 days at the school. After training is finished, the dog’s owner may take one free lesson to learn how to comunicate with his/her dog.
  • 300 pln – 2 hours, one-time, individual consultation, also at the customer’s home, within a 30 km radius of the hotel, free-of- charge arriving to the customer.



  • Check-in starts at 9 o’clock at the day of arriving..
  • After the peak season, dogs arriving after 5 p.m. pay half of the price for the first day. The peak season means summer and winter holidays, religious holidays, national days and long weekends.
  • In the case of longer stays as well as stays of more dogs belonging to one owner, there are discounts.
  • To book a place before the peak season, an advance payment of 30% of the total amount is required.
  • Advance payment will be forfeited if the customer cancels the stay.
  • The price for little dogs may include dog food, but medium-sized and big dogs must bring their own dry food.
  • All our residents are provided with free treats.


Bank account – 26 1050 1924 1000 0092 3336 8548 (ING Bank Śląski S.A.)