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About me - Psi Hotel i Szkoła Beaty Hettlinger

About me

Dogs have been in my life since I was a little child. In the beginning I was training them, mainly dogs of my neighbours, because my own ones didn’t know they might be naughty. Later I went into breeding as well; I was breeding Yorkies, PONs (Polish Lowland Sheepdogs) and Whippets.

In the nineties I owned an agency which prepared animals (mainly dogs, but not only) to movies and commercials, eg. I work for “Siedlisko” (The Settlement) TV series, movies: “Ciemna strona Wenus” (The Dark Side of Venus), “Uprowadzenie Agaty” (Kidnapping of Agata). “Nocne grafitti” (Night grafitti), TV drama, eg. “Dziady” (The Forefathers) and many TV commercials.


For ten years I live in the countryside, on the 9ha farm, which is the paradise on Earth for me, and at the same time an ideal place to realize my professional plans. I have a dog hotel, teach dogs obedience and help people resolve behavioural problems, like aggression to people or animals, shyness, hyperactivity or lack of willingness to work with humans. Dogs have at their disposal not only big, individual exercise areas, but also several hectares of meadows, on which they may run as much they need. In my hotel there is also a possibility to bath and clip your pet, according to your individual preferences. I invite You to various courses and consultations on dog grooming, preparing for shows and proper communication with your dog, which lets you to fully enjoy life together with your pet.

Dog Hotel – Dog School is placed 30km from Warszawy, near Warsaw-Katowice route, between Żabia Wola and Tarczyn.